PRONOIA by Matter Mos

Allow me to personally introduce “PRONOIA”, my debut album.

This album is years in the making, manufactured patiently,

vigorously constructed, enthusiastically crafted

Almost everything about this project was directed and executively produced by yours truly,

there were nearly 40 people were involved in the whole project. For that, I thank them for being part of my process.

The word “pronoia” represents the opposite of paranoia. People who experience paranoia (in which I have, lucky you if you haven’t) feel like the universe is conspiring to do bad things against them, pronoia is the other way around.

Although I tried to embody the state of pronoia while producing this project, and even though I think the method is working for me, the state of pronoia is not what this album is about.

This album is about the inbetweens;

Freedom & boundaries,

Words & feelings,

Belief & doubts, loyalty & indifference,

Eudaemonia & suffering, love & faithlessness, Ignorance & transcendence.

I could go on forever.

But whatever this album is actually about, is truly up to you to decide.

Check out the snippet below, expect wisely.

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