The Sugar Spun – All the Tracks Based on My Feelings and This Is What It Looks Like – EP


Preview Track: Way to Heaven 


The Sugar Spun are a three-piece alternative indie rock outfit heavily influenced by the glorious sound of the New Wave era. Released back in October 2019, The Sugar Spun’s EP is a surging modern daytime lullaby, and at the same time, a soundtrack reminiscent of a made-up memory of some sunny past in the 80s that the band never actually had.

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Staff Comments: 

“One of those releases that gets you excited of what’s next. One of Orange Cliff’s effort to keep up and freshen things up, The Sugar Spun deserves a spin or two!”

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  1. Way to Heaven
  2. War
  3. Hello, Hey Now
  4. Feel a Thing
  5. D.T.T.D.

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.