Suar Padma – Klandestin Zine


“Clandestine” is a zine filled with contributors and submitters responding to social, political and legal situations in Indonesia with various views. Where later “Clandestine” is an exhibition that Suar Padma will hold at the end of this March. In addition, “Clandestine” will be printed and released at the opening of the exhibition with different content and contributors. All the proceeds from digital and physical sales will later be processed into rice by Harvest Mind (Tani Hitam).

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

Staff Comments:

“In the midst of all the fuckery from 2020-2021, Suar Padma gained our attention with their sublime work designing posters for protests. From Omnibus Law to Komodo Island, their work stand for something. If you love beautiful design with some narrative sprinlked in it, get this zine. Support the cause, stand with us!”

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