Sajama Cut – Godsigma


Preview Track: Menggenggam Dunia 


After the release of “Hobgoblin” in 2015, Sajama Cut is back with a brand new LP titled “Godsigma” – Polished and structured, 15 year old Sajama Cut released 9 tracks resembling pop, with their own sonic experimentation.

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Staff Comments: 

“Sajama Cut is one of those bands that I grew up watching and collecting, I still have their tapes from Hobgoblin. I’m not old enough to see the glory days of Osaka Journals, but it was enough to know how it’s still being appreciated up until today. With “Godsigma”, the band tried something different, a more approachable take to Sajama Cut, it’s as if this is a primer to everyone, new and old”

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  1. Adegan Ranjang 1981 ❤️ 1982
  2. Kesadaran/ Pemberian Dana/ Gempa Bumi Panasea
  3. Menggenggam Dunia
  4. Rachmaninoff dan Semangkuk Mawar Hidangan Malam
  5. Lukisan “Plaza Selamanya, Leslie Cheung” Melukisku Melukisnya
  6. Lautan Yang Memeluk Cermin
  7. Katedral Tiongkok
  8. Tesktur Kulit Wanita Kaya-Raya
  9. Terbaring Di Pundak Pesawat, Termakan Api, Terlentang, Tersenyum

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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