Sigmun – Crimson Eyes


Preview Track: Inner Sanctum 


Sigmun’s 2015 debut full-length, which is unfortunately still their ‘latest’, barring their two intentionally-blatant, Berserk-inspired singles, “Behelit” and “Minotaur”, released in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Considered as one of the best Indonesian albums released in 2015 by Rolling Stone Indonesia (RIP), Sigmun’s Crimson Eyes is a 60-minute trip of Haikal’s rather-grim take of the world, in which mostly he wrote about tragedies: about death, about losing your sanity, about refugees of war, about deceits, about the evil within everyone. The album, in whole, tells a complete story of a journey through its lyrics, although most were built upon random words or sentences that he rambled during the writing process.

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Komentar Kami:

“Now this, I can say with 100% confidence is a classic. Despite coming out in 2015, this album will be looked upon as the milestone for Indonesian rock music. If you somehow missed out on this, do yourself a favor, listen to “Crimson Eyes” now”

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