narcholocos – La Manifestación


Preview Track: Dureza De La Vida


narcholocos’ first release, the band plays raw fast HardcorePunk in the vein of 90’s Latino American bands such as Los Crudos and Huasipungo. Their lyrics are written in Spanish language while the theme is about social issues that’s happening around them.

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Komentar Kami:

“narcholocos’ first release introduce the listener into their main premise: A hardcore punk outfit, singing about social issues near and dear to them, in Spanish. The band gets better and better as they progress from one track to another on this album.”

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Daftar lagu:

  1. La Introduccion
  2. De Frutas Fermentadas
  3. Alcoholicas
  4. Dureza De La Vida
  5. narcholocos Es La Solucion
  6. Manifestantes Enojados
  7. Hacer Una Red
  8. Trabajas o Trabajas
  9. Prohibidas Por El Gobierno

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