Matisuri – Wafat Suri


Preview Track: Kebakaran


After releasing an EP (“Dikunci”) and a single (“Anak Baik”) in 2020, Matisuri, a Tangerang-based solo music project, finally finished their debut album, “Wafat Suri”.

Back in 2018 when the album was first conceptualized, it was still simply just ‘an effort to make some music’. As the years went on, the lyrics were somehow revised; the instrumentals and the production choices were rethought; titles of songs and even the album were reconsidered. These changes happened alongside life that got more confusing day by day; which then became the main fuel for the explorations in “Wafat Suri”. It ends up being a personal search over the link between sadness, anger, fear, confusion, and the oppression from the oppressive.

Still keeping up with the lo-fi-ness of their previous releases, “Wafat Suri” attempts to build upon the various remains of Matisuri’s favorite styles of music and themes.

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Komentar Kami: 

“I really enjoyed the Anak Baik double-single that was released on here a little while back. Upon the first couple listens, I imagine that I would be coming back to ‘Mati Suri’ as a whole over and over again in the future. ”

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Daftar lagu:

  1. Anak Baik
  2. Mati yang Suri
  3. Pagar Bapak
  4. Karantina (dead tikos)
  5. masmasmas
  6. Kebakaran
  7. Tahiyat
  8. Siapa yang membakar jembatan kami
  9. Mukadimah
  10. Tetris
  11. Resolusi/Nasib

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