flock of blokes. – New Year Song


A reinterpretation of New Year Song, a single by Jakarta-based artist Takaotubo that was first intended as a B-Side and was also included in an EP that staggeringly included 5 different versions of the song. Now he is back with a full-fledged band dubbed flock of blokes., creating a powerful rendition of the song tinged with the infectious pop energy the original single had, imbued with the band’s stern yet brisk instrumentation. Mastered by Janitra Satriani, the single also includes a remix, enforcing the insistence the artist has for variety and perfection.

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Komentar Kami:

“A new version of ‘New Year Song’ from our good friend Takaotubo, this time with a full band! A different, much more raw listening experience compared to the earlier versions.”

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