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Create your own custom mixtapes with your favorite artists on The Store Front!

Every artist you choose for your personal mixtape will be entitled to royalties for their song, so by choosing the artists’ song you are directly supporting that artist.

For every track you choose for your tape, each artist will get IDR 6,000, so every tape will distribute IDR 48,000 to artists.

Please read the following instructions to create your mixtape:

  1. Pick your favorite template for your cassette.
  2. Choose a maximum of 8 Songs from the list in our catalog or “Additional Information” below and note it down
  3. Add this product to your cart.
  4. Go to the check out page once you are ready to pay
  5. Fill out your name, address, and proceed to payment.
  6. Once you have payed, you will receive an email to customise your song choices for your Mix-A-Tape!
  7. If you haven’t gotten the email, here’s the link:

Customise your Mix-A-Tape


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Choose 8 songs from the following releases – click the link for every releases to see the tracklist or visit our catalog:

*Disclaimer: You’ll receive an email after checkout to confirm your tracklist. 

  1. Pleazure & Pain – Hidden Agenda
  2. Rekah – Kiamat Babak Pertama EP
  3. HADD – The World Despize on You
  4. Dongker – Menghibur Domba di Atas Puing EP
  5. Rekah – Berbagi Kamar
  6. BAPAK. – Miasma Tahun Asu
  7. Kaveh Kanes – Arabia’s Frankincense Trail EP
  8. Jirapah – Sol/Drowning Single
  9. Polka Wars – Sanctuary/This Providence Single
  10. Rubina – Modinha EP
  11. ATSEA – Years 2 Keep (Feat. Nina Joon) Single
  12. Bin Idris – Bin Idris
  13. Skandal – Sugar
  14. Sigmun – Crimson Eyes
  15. Texpack – Spin Your Wheels
  16. Winona Dryver – First Echo Solution EP
  17. Kinder Bloomen – Progression I EP
  18. Pullo – A Dark Belief EP
  19. BAP. & Basboi – Song to Begal to
  20. Joe Million – VANDAL
  21. BAP. – Monkshood
  23. Joe Million – Million Cypher Vol. 1
  24. Joe Million – V U L G A R
  25. Individual Distortion – Syncopatic
  26. Senyawa – Rehearsal Session 06/11/2019
  27. Gabe Gabe Tapes – Arsip Sinar Pagi
  28. Xilang Bvdaya – Pencak Xilat
  29. Harry Roesli Gang – Philosophy Gang
  30. Rand Slam – Johan – EP
  31. Rand Slam – Rimajinasi
  32. Rand Slam – Terapi Suara – EP
  33. Turismo Avenue – Black Lines
  34. Kaveman – Neanderthal Demo
  35. Avhath – FELO DE SE / HALLOWED GROUND – Single
  36. Skandal – Lemon/Bosan
  37. Kinder Bloomen – Brainless The Third, On A Cloudy Mission
  38. Kinder Bloomen – Mobius Trip
  39. Skandal – Percuma – Single
  40. REFO x Prime Manifez – Sisi Gelap EP
  41. Dzulfahmi x Prime Manifez – Worst Manifesto EP
  42. Don Wilco x Prime Manifez – Jurnalisan EP
  43. Dzulfahmi x DaKriss – Nirwana – EP
  44. Various Artists – Ocean Blender: Indonesian Shoegazer Compilation Vol.2
  45. Dead Pepaya – Moda Ekuator
  46. Gergasi Api – Trilogy – Maxi Singles


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